GeekSpeak for Musicians:

Computer Projects and Applications for Music Students and Music Teachers

( Available late August, 2005)

Geek Speak

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This downloadable eBook was conceived and written by Dr. Valerie Trollinger, based on materials developed for use with her undergraduate and graduate technology classes at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, from 2001 to 2005. All materials and lessons have been extensively tested with students, and this book will be constantly revised and updated to keep up with trends and software updates and changes.



The purpose of this eBook is to provide students with projects and lessons that can be completed in a timely manner, and it is especially useful in undergraduate technology classes since this book, along with teacher input, is actually a self-guided course. These projects can be completed within two semesters, if all of them are done. For student teachers, this book will aid them in creating portfolios or projects that meet the ISTE ( International Society for Technology Education), NETS ( National Educational Technology Standards) and NASM ( National Association for Schools of Music) standards in education. For teachers already in the field, this book can help them self-teach themselves to help upgrade their computer skills and knowledge.


Need for this book and why it is different from others:

Most technology courses in music schools deal with composing and recording music. These topics are not covered in this particular book, primarily because the "Audio" area of music technology has been pretty-well saturated, and a number of materials are available that will cover these areas ( for example, see Notepad to Finale). However, there is a demonstrated need for musicians to be able to create materials using the computer that require knowledge of color relationships and effect, design, development, usability testing, and human visual and informational perception. This book addresses that void. Simply being able to push keys on a computer does not mean that one knows how to use the computer effectively. For example, a number of musicians create websites that are visual disasters, which often causes possible employers to close the page as soon as possible. Teachers who use the computer to aid instruction have rarely been taught about how to use the computer effectively from a developmental, cognitive, and visual/audio interactive learning standpoint.This book addresses the above issues, and more. The goal is to have students of this book become more savvy when dealing with creating and evaluating computer-based materials, whether for educational purposes or for self-promotion.

With the above in mind, the following topic areas are represented in this book:

The following projects are in the book:

Format of GeekSpeak for Musicians:

GeekSpeak for Musicians is in several sections. Each section contains learning modules that start with the following information:

From that point on, projects are assigned, and specific steps are given. Instructors and independent learners are more than welcome to modify as needed, since we know that not all computers are all the same, and some may need a little extra help here and there. With that in mind, we designed the projects to be created with the majority of software available, so learners are not required to go out and spend money on expensive programs when something simpler may help them achieve the same goal.I Instructors are encouraged to assign point values and modify all projects to meet specific needs for students, especially in instances where semester grades are required.

GeekSpeak for Musicians also will be tied into a webpage that will provide a number of downloadable materials needed to complete projects, and will also provide a number of links to other resources.

Purchasing the eBook

This eBook is available from this webpage for $15.00 US payable through PayPal. For check payment, write us at Look for the download ready annoucement on the main webpage.

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